Is the corona decree unlawful??

Is the corona ordinance unlawful?

Meanwhile, the judiciary no longer simply nods off pandemic decrees. This could be a problem for politicians planning another lockdown

If you click on the homepage of the district court of Ludwigsburg, you will find a meadow of bees and flowers. Not mentioned is the judgement of a judge from the end of January, which only now became known. The judge had to decide on a quite unspectacular case, as it is currently being heard thousands of times in courts in Germany.

In late January, a man was charged with allegedly dying last May in violation of the country’s Corona ordinance. Instead of only one person not from his own household – which was allowed at that time – he is said to have been with two in the Ludwigsburg city center. In addition, he is said not to have paid attention to the safety distance.


Tighter regulations for child pornography

Ministry of Justice: Regulations for nude pictures of children will become stricter. Pose photographs to become a criminal offense

Over the weekend, it became known that Justice Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) had submitted a so-called draft bill with stricter regulations on photos of naked children or photos that are perceived as sexually stimulating, as well as on photos of adults (child protection as a pretext for policy protection)?) forwarded to other ministries for coordination. The consensus that the intention is good and that the protection of the weakest must be guaranteed dominates the first reactions. However, critics point out that the tightened regulations could also push uber the target.

The details of the draft are still unknown. Leaked to the media are essential cornerstones of innovations and new developments. aggravations; one in particular leads to difficult territory, according to lawyers, as has already been discussed in the Edathy case: Pose photographs.


Italy: unclear majority after parliamentary elections

Italy: unclear majority situation after parliamentary elections

Will the M5S-"Capo" Luigi Di Maio the new Italian prime minister? Photo: Mattia Luigi Nappi. License: CC BY-SA 4.0

M5S with relative majority in key position – Lega stronger than Forza

In Italy, it is safe to ame that Beppe Grillo’s M5S has clearly become the strongest single party with more than 30 percent of the vote. Repubblica currently sees them at 32.2 percent. In second place, according to this projection, was the hitherto ruling Social Democratic Partito Democratico (PD), which plummeted from 25.43 to 18.9 percent of the vote. Surprisingly, it was not Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia (which received only 14 percent) that came in third, with 17.7 percent, but Matteo Salvini’s Lega, indicating that the ies of migration and crime, which it had prioritized, were more important to voters than expected.


Peru: drones protect archaeological sites

Antiquities researcher Steve Wernke builds unmanned explorers and sentinels for under 2.000 US dollars

Unmanned aerial vehicles, so-called drones, were developed for the military and have a rather bad reputation. Archaeologists in Peru have shown that it can also be used for other purposes: last year, they used it at six different excavation sites, including the Andean city of Machu Llacta, which is 4.000 meters above sea level.

The use of drones has several major advantages for archaeology: According to the experience of Peruvian archaeologist Luis Jaime Castillo Butters, they can be used to map and assess in three dimensions within days a terrain that took the professor at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Perú (PUCP) years to evaluate from the ground.


Is finally the “coming out” by ernie and bert fallig?

HIV-positive character in the Sud African spin-off of the popular children’s series

Morality is at the stake. It’s not enough that so-called C parties are nowadays already using the slovenly circumstances of unmarried mothers in a highly transparent way to catch votes in the New Center, or that the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia is turning out more and more to be a banana republic (better: gauze republic) with a rather strict stable odor. No, now the good old clean sesame straw, which has been delighting German children and young-at-heart adults since 1973, is also coming out of the closet after the Osama scandal (cf.Osama’s puppet) again on slippery terrain.

This can also be seen as a direct consequence of the decline in values, because: Important educational tasks must once again be taken over from parents by the television set. The setting is the friendly little country of Sud Africa, which, we remember, almost snatched the 2006 FIFA World Cup away from the world leader Emperor Franz, with the energetic development aid of the famously infamous sinister Sepp Blatter (President of MAFI[F]A). As a consolation, the citizens of the former apartheid state will get to see a cultural TV revolution in advance and exclusively for the time being: The first HIV-positive puppet in Sesame Street, which is called Takalani Sesame in South Africa and has been running at the South African Broadcasting Corporation since July 2000 with the support of Sesame Workshop and the aid organization USAID.


Italian journalist and weblogger was murdered by the

The group, which was led by the "Islamic Army" Baldoni, who was murdered, was an opponent of the war and also worked for the Red Cross

As reported by al-Jazeera, the broadcaster posted a video of the murder of Italian journalist Enzo G. Baldoni received. Baldoni had been captured by the Islamic Army group and "executed" after the Italian government did not respond to the demand to withdraw its troops from Iraq. In Italy, the horror is rough, opinions differ about the involvement in the coalition forces and there are once again speculations about the background of the assassination.

Italian journalist and weblogger murdered

The last picture from the weblog


“It’s all spin and no substance”

Graphic: TP

British House of Commons votes again against May’s Brexit plan – supplementary explanations from her and the EU failed to convince a majority of MPs

Last night, the House of Commons in Westminster voted for a second time against Prime Minister Theresa May’s negotiated exit plan with the EU – by 391 to 242 votes. May had tried to convince a majority of MPs with a supplementary declaration agreed to by outgoing European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker at a meeting with her on Monday.


Italy: mafia families are being deprived of their offspring

New strategy aims to disrupt dynasties and give kids a chance at life outside organized crime

Calabria’s juvenile court president Roberto di Bella has developed a new strategy against the ‘Ndrangheta, which has controlled his region since the mid-19th century. Century terrorizes: He takes away the children of families suspected of belonging to the mafia or of being positively opposed to it at the first available opportunity. The purpose of these measures is not to deter parents who are already hopelessly trapped in the criminal network, but to protect the sons and daughters who should get a chance to choose a life different from the one predetermined by the family.

As evidence that such a thing is possible, di Bella points to a sixteen-year-old who went to Milan and radically cut off all contact with his family when his mother gave him the choice of joining civil society or the ‘Ndrangheta, and taking the place of his shot father. Di Bella, who is working closely with social workers, youth workers and other agencies in his new program, helped the boy get a job in northern Italy and other help in building an independent life.


Turkey: is erdogan preparing the “showdown” to the civil war before?

turkey: is erdogan preparing the'showdown' zum burgerkrieg vor?

President Erdogan and Chief of General Staff Akar, on 22. July 2016. Photo: simsek hb – hakar/CC BY-SA 2.0

Erdogan’s Prasidial Dictatorship to be Approved in the Spring. The arrests show that he wants to eliminate the opposition by then, despite criticism from abroad

The arrests of the two leaders of the HDP as well as other members of the pro-Kurdish party were followed by news of an attack in Diyarbakrir that left at least eight dead. According to Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, more than 100 were injured in the car bombing near the provincial police headquarters. The Turkish authorities blame the PKK for this.


Is the internet just a fad?

A British research report claims to have identified millions of network dropouts. A US study, on the other hand, expects "substantial" Productivity gains from the Internet – in the amount of "a whopping" 0.25 percent

28 million surfers in the U.S. and two million in the U.K. are already fed up with the Net, according to the Virtual Society, a research group paid for by the British government. The American Brookings Institute, on the other hand, ames that the economic advantages of the Internet will only have an impact in the future and that the network revolution will take place after all. However, more modest than previously expected by many market analysts.

It was a shock for all net euphorics, what came out of the research laboratories of the Virtual Society: Their report "Profile 2000" which summarizes the results of surveys conducted by a total of 76 researchers at 22 universities in England, Holland, Denmark and the United States, says that despite all the cyberhype, the impact of the Internet on society is much smaller than expected.