Usa: manning continues to be held in custody because of assange

Usa: manning still in custody over assange

Chelsea Manning. Bild: @xychelsea

Das US-Justizministerium will die Auslieferung von Assange sicherstellen, wozu es eine Aussage von Manning benotigt

In preparation for the coordinated action between the US, the UK and Ecuador to arrest WikiLeaks whistleblower Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy and detain him for violating bail conditions (arrest of Julian Assange on US extradition request), Chelsea Manning (Chelsea Elizabeth Manning, Bradley Manning, Bradley Edward Manning) had already been taken into coercive custody in March. The U.S. Justice Department, in order to facilitate extradition of Assange, has lowered the charge from espionage to conspiracy to hack into classified documents and communications. He allegedly enabled Manning in a conspiracy to break into secret Pentagon computers by cracking a password.


Who who why “extremist” names: plea for a factual debate

Who who why'extremist' nennt: pladoyer fur eine sachbezogene debatte

To the book excerpt "Extremism Research: A Look at a Scientific-State Complex" harsh accusations against the author followed. Here he comments

On 11. May appeared here a replica by Armin Pfahl-Traughber on an excerpt from the book "Standing at attention before democracy. The Concept of Extremism and State Protection in the Federal Republic of Germany", which Sarah Schulz and I had written together. The excerpt had appeared a few days earlier on Telepolis. Since I am responsible for the book excerpt as sole author, the accusations are directed against my person. Pfahl-Traughber accuses me among other things of, "committed to a rigorous ethos" speaks of "misinterpretations" and "deliberate attempts at manipulation", insinuated to me "structural commonalities to conspiracy ideas" and constructs a closeness to the New Right.

These are hard accusations, which are not substantiated and are rather means of a polemical argument than of a scientific discussion. I did not want to let these accusations stand completely uncontradicted. However, I am much more interested in a substantive discussion about the pros and cons of extremism research.


Uncontrolled tapping also in israel?

According to an Israeli civil rights group, the license agreement of Internet and mobile phone operators includes a pas to transfer data of their customers to Israeli security agencies without judicial authorization

According to the Movement for Freedom of Information in Israel (FOIM), the licenses ied by the Israeli state to mobile operators include a secret obligation to provide the Israeli domestic intelligence service Shin Bet and other security agencies with their customers’ communications data. Similar agreements are also said to exist with Internet providers, as reported by Haaretz. FOIM made a submission to the court on Tuesday to get the Ministry of Communications and the Prime Minister’s Office to confirm the existence of this requirement in the license permits.

Mobile phone and internet providers should be required to hand over information about conversations and SMS messages, emails and other internet activity to the armed forces, Shin Bet, the Mossad intelligence service, police and prison authorities on request. There is no need for judicial authorization, and the execution takes place without the knowledge of the persons concerned. Although, according to Dori Spivak of Tel Aviv University and FOIM spokesman, a debate is taking place in the Knesset’s Constitutional and Legal Affairs Committee on judicial oversight of telecommunications surveillance and the separation of content and connection data, security forces apparently already have full and uncontrolled access to the data.


Vacuuming through telecommunications traffic

Red-Grun expands powers of federal intelligence service

Actually, the supreme interceptors of the republic called for a much improved control of eavesdroppers when they ied their verdict on 14. July 1999. It was about the crime fighting law resp. the G-10 law, which was tightened in 1994. In mid-January, the federal cabinet presented the revised law along with its justification.

Federal interdiction court demanded strict controls

Journalists had filed a complaint against the practice of the Federal Intelligence Service of using search terms to intercept telecommunications traffic abroad. Michael Kohler, a professor of criminal law in Hamburg, also criticized the fact that the BND had to report crimes to the police. This undermines the separation of intelligence services and police under constitutional law.


Is hong kong a safe haven for us whistleblowers??

Possibly Snowden is no longer in Hong Kong, Americans sacrifice private spheres when it comes to fighting terrorism

Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower, is still at liberty. His hope seems to be that the former British colony of Hong Kong could be independent enough and, above all, willing not to extradite him to the U.S.

In the USA, Snowden, who did not reveal the existence of the NSA’s global eavesdropping system by passing on secret documents, but did confirm it, was allowed to be prosecuted for betrayal of secrets, which in the worst case carries the death penalty. As in the case of Assange and Manning, calls for the death penalty could also be heard; in any case, one can ame that the leaking of the documents, which were highly embarrassing for the US government in terms of domestic politics, was punished severely. Aaron Swartz, in any case, had so little faith in the U.S. legal system that he preferred to pull the ripcord in time and kill himself.