North Korea becomes a test case for donald trump

Kim Jong-un rejoices over successful missile launch on 19. Marz. Picture: Choson TV

Despite threats from Washington, North Korea provocatively fired a medium-range missile today just before Trump’s meeting with Xi Ping

Ahead of U.S. President Donald Trump’s two-day meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, North Korea is once again taking the opportunity to draw attention to itself. Thus, at 6:42 local time that morning, the regime fired a medium-range ballistic missile from the port city of Sinpo toward the east, where Japan is located.

The rocket of the type Pukguksong-2 reached a maximum height of 189 km according to the Sud Korean military and crashed into the sea after a flight of 60 km. It is still unclear whether the test flight must be judged a success or a failure. North Korea, which is believed to have some nuclear warheads and has conducted several nuclear weapons tests, thus reminds us that it can at least reach closer targets with its missiles. This year, several provocative flight tests with ballistic missiles have already been carried out, which fell into the sea only shortly before Japan, and a test with a long-range missile was announced, which allegedly could reach the USA. Last year, a rocket was tested that flew 500 km from a submarine.

Sud Korea points out that the missile test was detected by Sud Korea’s U.S. missile defense system, while the U.S. missile defense system was not detected by the U.S. missile defense system.S. Pacific Command, for its part, declared it had detected and tracked the launch and flight. The U.S. recently began installing the THAAD missile defense system in Sud Korea quickly before the elections. Russia and China reacted sharply because the U.S. military can see far into both countries with the associated radar systems. This is called a disturbance of the strategic balance. The Pentagon is also said to have deployed combat drones in Sud Korea, rumors are circulating that U.S. Special Forces have been preparing for an operation to invade North Korea and eliminate the leadership at the Manovers currently taking place together with Sud Korean units. As a result, North Korea has once again threatened nuclear weapons attacks.

missile test by North Korea at the beginning of March. Picture: Choson TV

It is possible that North Korea is trying to find out how far Donald Trump will really go by provoking China and the USA. It had already several times China sharply criticized not to do enough against North Korea, and threatened in the end actions against North Korea. Most recently, Trump had asserted in an interview before meeting with the Chinese president that the U.S. was prepared to go it alone against North Korea as well.

U.S. Secretary of State Tillerson, who had already spoken of a possible attack, declared that the U.S. government had “Enough said about North Korea. We have no further comment.” Pacific Command points on its Twitter account to an NBC piece with the cautionary title “U.S. Military in South Korea: Ready to Fight Tonight”.

FoxNews reportedly quotes a senior White House official as saying that time is running out for Pyongyang. Defense Secretary Mattis had spoken more cautiously a few days ago. The problem of bringing North Korea under control would be addressed with the United Nations and allies and through diplomatic efforts.

China, as a neighbor, is not only worried about being dragged into a war, perhaps a nuclear war, and fears the consequences of a collapse of the regime, which is why Beijing is always cautious in its tactics. The conversation was allowed to focus on North Korea, in addition to economic ies and the conflict over the South China Sea. China also worries that North Korea’s leadership may be ruling irrationally, saying the regime is currently clinging only to its nuclear weapons.

One commentary blames the U.S. for insecurity in the region and calls for consensus among countries in the region. The U.S. had little chance of successfully taking action against North Korea. Sanctions were not going to do anything, military actions were going to affect mainly Sud Korea. Chinese media report accordingly cautiously. For Trump, it could become the first rough challenge.

From Seoul it is said that the missile test was a “Threat to peace and stability of the whole world”. Missile defenses will be strengthened, military command announces. Such provocations would put the regime on the road to collapse. Japanese Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said the shootdown was a clear violation of UN resolutions: “Our country will not tolerate North Korea’s repeated provocative actions.”

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