Terrorists demand the withdrawal of German troops from Afghanistan in two video messages after the Bundestag decision on the deployment of Tornados

The kidnappers of the two German hostages in Iraq and their media collaborators at the Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF), who are particularly rude on their German websites, had presumably long since decided on the date of the publication of the videos and the threats they contain. Shortly after the Bundestag voted by majority, albeit with strong opposition, to send the Tornados to Afghanistan, the video from Iraq with the two Germans was posted on the Internet and announced GIMF a “Message to the governments of Germany and Austria” to.

The 61-year-old German woman, who is married to an Iraqi professor and has lived in Iraq for a long time, was abducted with her 20-year-old son in early February. The video presented the German passports of the two and loved the desperate woman appeal to Chancellor Merkel: “We are Germans too.” The hostage-takers would kill first their son and then them if they were not helped. One of the hooded hostage-takers, posing in the usual way and belonging to a hitherto unknown group named “Brigade of the Arrows of Righteousness” listened to, then read out a declaration and demanded the withdrawal of German troops from Afghanistan within 10 days. Otherwise they will kill the hostages.

It is not yet known whether the kidnappers belong to a politically oriented terrorist group or to a criminal organization that uses political demands only to drive up the price of money. Susanne Osthoff, who was kidnapped at the end of 2005, and engineers Thomas Nitzschke and Rene Braunlich, who were kidnapped in the spring of 2006, were probably lucky and were released after paying large sums of money, although this was not officially confirmed. Politically motivated kidnappers are also looking for money to finance their organization, further attacks and media activities, and the many armed groups in Iraq are intertwined with organized crime.

Regardless of whether the group is asking for a lottery ticket or for the withdrawal of troops, the demand has landed Germany for the first time in the middle of the war, which it has entered step by step by sending troops to Afghanistan, expanding the mission in the country, the opaque actions of the KSK and now finally the reconnaissance tornadoes. The opponents, i.e., in the country the Taliban, al-Qaeda fighters, and warlords involved, do not carry out the difficult distinctions with which the German government sought to conceal or mitigate its involvement in the war. They could not care whether the German troops were deployed under NATO command or as part of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), since from their point of view it was a coalition of enemies. With the Tornados, whose reconnaissance capabilities are less harmless than the government would like to admit, even if they do not directly intervene in combat, the difference is probably blurred anyway.

Germany is not blackmailable, declared CDU politician Eckart von Klaeden. One should not be too sure about this. While German government officials can rest ared that solidarity with hostages probably won’t be too high. Kurnaz, al-Masri and Osthoff have experienced this. With them it hit that they had made themselves at least suspicious, when they to Pakistan and/or. Macedonia, Osthoff had put himself in danger. The German woman who has now been kidnapped has been living in Iraq for a long time… Already one month she is with her son in the hands of the kidnappers, so far the reaction in Germany was small.

It is possible that the hijackers simply wanted to draw attention to their victims once again in order to increase their value. They were allowed to do this because they linked their survival to the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. The terrorists are probably also right about one thing. It is not possible to fight together and under the title of a global war on terror in Afghanistan against Islamist extremists who, in addition to the goal of regaining power in the country, also want to establish a Sunni state of God, and at the same time want to remain on the sidelines. The regional struggle is embedded in a pan-Islamic ideology that has called for the internationalization of Islamic terrorism and, at the same time, has made it possible to “Liberation struggle” against the national governments and the Western countries. Therefore, Afghanistan, Iraq, Chechnya, Kashmir, Indonesia, Somalia etc. only fronts in a global war, which also includes terrorist attacks in Western countries. “We are one nation”, hebben it in the video, “with one religion, our blood has the same value.”

In order to establish stability in the south and east of the country, ISAF must wage war – not in the legal sense, but in the military sense. It is about asymmetric warfare. Dazu werden die Tornados einen erforderlichen Beitrag leisten. It is an illusion to believe that operations ISAF and OEF can be strictly separated from each other. The two operations are becoming increasingly intertwined. The same rules of engagement apply. Germany has mandated both operations, even under the Red-Green government. The successes of OEF and ISAF are closely intertwined.

Eckart von Klaeden on 9.3. in the Bundestag

Even if the GIMF is probably only piggybacking on the terrorist groups and serving as their loudspeaker, it is of course more effective if the messages and threats are now also translated into German and reach the German public through all possible channels and formats. After the abduction video, the GIMF has followed up with a video that “Voice of the Caliphate” but is probably an own production. It is not known whether the kidnappers are in contact with the GIMF or whether the video was created independently and has now only been quickly added to take advantage of the media attention. The video has been known about since Friday evening, according to an Austrian source.

The video attempts to separate the interests of Germany and the U.S. government. What does Germany – and Austria – stand to gain from having its own soldiers? “defend the lies of Bush and his gang?” The German government is accused of having lied to the people, since it describes the deployment of troops as a contribution to reconstruction. And finally, it is warned that the Mujahideen could also carry out attacks in Germany or Austria, while the German soldiers are not protected because they have been operating only in the north. On GIMF you can find the following reasoning why attacks on Germans are justified:

Westerners are NOW against this war, having tasted it themselves. I can bring you thousands of statistics that said exactly the opposite, and that was before the war against Afganistan and Iraq. The West is like that: it only understands the language of violence. Moreover, if they are really against these crusades, why don’t they make their governments withdraw their soldiers???? I also wonder who elected these governments?? Were not the Volker? These governments are, according to the absurd democratic system, the representatives of the people, which means: they speak for the people, and act in the name of the people. And if the people do not agree, then they are able to overthrow these governments. … Why don’t the Germans withdraw their troops from Afghanistan?? The answer is: Because the people don’t want it.

The murder of the German aid worker could be an indication that the German government should expect more deaths in the future. The threat that attacks could now also be carried out in Germany if the German soldiers were not brought back is, as the saying goes, so far “abstract”. But it will certainly serve to further tighten the surveillance. But it will also require the government to speak out more clearly in favor of the war effort and to take responsibility for the consequences, while the opponents of the war were mostly allowed to see themselves well confirmed.

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