Hans-Peter Friedrich, vice faction leader of the CDU/CSU, also opposes the welcome culture and takes the side of "Lugenpresse"-Representatives

The Federal Government has discovered the refugees as an ie, but wants to stay at the black zero. It is foreseeable that the few billion in additional costs will not be enough. Towards Greece, the federal government insisted on compliance, the wave of refugees has overrun this policy. Dublin or not, the refugees will be taken in, the police cannot and will not allow refugees to enter Germany unregistered or to disappear from the train stations or shelters.

Who should deny refugees the chance to use their opportunities, not to have to vegetate in an internment camp, for better or worse to be exposed to some powers?. Once Europeans also migrated en masse, the U.S. erected the Statue of Liberty in New York to bury them and for its own identity. Now, however, unwanted refugees are also arriving in the immigration countries, where in fact the native population has been marginalized.

Germany is criticized for opening the gates for the flood of refugees, which inspires more people to seek their fortune and escape the war in Syria or the pitiful living conditions in Jordan, Turkey or Lebanon.

After Pegida, an anti-Pegida wave has developed in Germany, which, hyped by the media, is now ensuring that the refugees are buried and some are well received. There will hardly be anyone who believes that this wave of willingness to help and accept refugees will last for a long time. Especially not when the refugees force local, state and federal governments to make cuts elsewhere, and when problems arise with housing or with the refugees themselves protesting their treatment, as seen, for example, with those who insisted on crossing Denmark to Sweden. Even many of them, having arrived in everyday life, will not be able or willing to see Germany as a praised country in the long run.

And then, in addition to the violent right-wing extremists, there are also the dark, but often aggressive and racist dark Germans who want to see no refugees and advocate a tough policy, who support Pegida, AfD or NPD and are also courted by parts of the CDU/CSU, especially the CSU. Here one is somehow national, has something against the "Lugenpresse", if only to preserve its own prejudices, fears and anger, and is sometimes also pro-Russian.

Time has now tried to give a stage to one of the well-known public figures who, with their rhetoric, are responsible for the mood in this camp and who appears as a concerned citizen. This is how it is presented: "He is still there: Thilo Sarrazin speaks out in the debate about refugees." He has probably not so much come forward, but has been invited by Time to spread his opposition to the refugee policy in an organ that otherwise likes to be the "Lugenpresse" is assigned. Sarrazin, still an SPD member, likes to see himself as a victim of the "new virtue terrorism" and complains eloquently about the "Limits to freedom of expression" in a book that became a Spiegel bestseller.

Now he can call for a restriction of the basic right to asylum, while immigrants from the Balkans are to be deported immediately without asylum proceedings. In general, the right to asylum should only sell "applies to political activists or to people persecuted in the context of a genocide, but not to anyone who is somehow oppressed in a dictatorship or an imperfect democracy". And he is trying to make people afraid of an imminent wave of refugees in the same way as the CSU secretary general, who spoke of 60 million refugees at the gates of Germany. For him, that almost reaches the entire current humanity: "A right of asylum like the present one means that basically 80 percent of the world’s population can be with us because of their home conditions. This is not sustainable in the long run."

Of course, he also embraces the demand for sealing the borders and must also strike out against the Greeks, who should not be given any more EU aid as long as they are "their duties" according to the Dublin Agreement. The refugees were mainly taken care of by the neighboring Arab states and the Gulf states, which were "stinking of money" and yet "not a single foreign Arab and co-religionist" Record. In another interview, however, he had also laid some of the blame at the feet of the military interventions: "I do not know of a single military intervention of the West outside Europe since the Second World War that did not lead to more harm than good." For him, entrenchment in Fortress Europe seems to be beneficial, securing borders has always been a prerequisite for a prosperous community, he said. Whether he thereby also "Iron Curtain" was included, he was apparently not asked.

For this reason, he was able to make his contribution to the "Lugenpresse" if he criticizes, "that through the emotional and completely one-sided reporting of the media, especially television, an enormous prere of opinion is created in this question. … Most of them probably do not dare to express their fears and opinions openly." To the "concept-less and misguided government policy on immigration and refugees" there is not only in Saxony a rough rage.

He agrees with EX interior minister and current CDU/CSU vice faction leader Hans-Peter Friedrich of the CSU, who also thinks, as reported by Handelsblatt, that "the published opinion and the public opinion were 180 degrees apart" were. The media were "on welcome culture make", he scolded, the press was "hide certain facts". With it the media became unbelievable.

Politics must point out problems, which apparently is not happening at the moment in his opinion, although he is a member of the Union, which governs with the SPD and whose leader today visited a welcome class at a Berlin school as part of her "Integration tour" said that now it is simply a matter of, "to tackle and clear away any concrete obstacles". Then it would be possible to live together peacefully with the people who came to Germany. And she said: "We will not be able to simply carry on as before", which does not go down well with Sarrazin and Friedrich.

The CSU politician, on the other hand, tried rather to scare once again "Politics has flattened: we are all against nuclear power, against the G36 and for open borders. It could be that in this situation once again an auberparliamentary opposition arises. Then we had a different starting position." By this, he probably meant an APO from the right, and with his criticism of the media, he is attempting to "Lugenpresse"-To draw representatives to the side of the CSU.

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